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Spark is an international marketing conference for digital natives on Nov. 19th in Copenhagen.

The program revolves around interactive workshops and presentations, making this conference a place where digital marketers can come to connect, learn and grow. There will be expert speakers from Twitter, LinkedIn, The Adroll, BBC, HarperCollins Publishers, StudioStories. Creative Content, AdRoll, Sleeping Giants, Glitch Festival, Wavemaker and many more to help you develop your skills in areas like influencer marketing, digital advertising, and social media. 

Spark - A Marketing Conference for Digital Natives.

 A day of knowledge-sharing and networking with 

 750+ Marketers, 25+ Speakers, and 20+ Nationalities. 


StudioStoriesas Speakers at Spark.

StudioStories. is going to take the stage and talk about Pinterest for business and creative content creation.

November, 14th  at 4:10 pm
 Don't Miss out on Pinterest: 
 How to Grow Your Business   with Creative Content. 

At Spark Anna-Lena Ludwig and Katharina Langbehn, the founders of  StudioStories. are going talk about this inspiring and fun place in the internet, called Pinterest and their expertise as content creators. 

As Pinterest Germany Partners, they will share the latest features and their key insights so you can make smarter decisions on the platform. And yes, they’ll lift the secret of how they reached over 40 million visitors per month with relevant and creative content on Pinterest. StudioStorieswill provide a step-by-step plan how to do so in their session at Spark, so don’t miss out ;-) 

StudioStories. creates content for many different industries and platforms. Their main goal is, for the content to fit the brand, target group and the platform. Everything is in one hand: From the idea to planning, shooting and post-production. Branded content with added value is their expertise. 

Spark Interview: The Hidden Power of Pinterest.

"The two Co-Founders of StudioStories. explain why brands can’t ignore Pinterest any longer, and how creating "cheap content" may cost you more in the long run.

If your company isn’t using Pinterest, you may be missing out on a significant source of traffic. A lot of brands ignore the Pin-based digital hub, but as Pinterest pivots towards e-commerce and embraces new sponsorship options, it’s gaining a foothold as an essential channel for brands in all industries. 


Anna-Lena Ludwig and Katharina Langbehn are Co-Founders of StudioStories. — a Creative Agency in the heart of Hamburg specializing in social media content creation.  

They will lead an interactive session at Spark all about how to use Pinterest to grow your business, with a special emphasis on how to generate creative content that converts. We spoke with them to get their top tips on how brands can get started on Pinterest — and how “bad content” can end up costing more than good content."

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